'make me cry' is a solo work inspired by/in response to the durational group work 'make banana cry' by Andrew Tay and Stephen Thompson. An existential exploration into the psyche of our titular artist (tia), the audience is delved into the horror and ambiguity of what it means to be the end result of a fetish versus participating in one, and the minstrelsy that accompanies BIPOC artists creating 'valuable' work for the consuming public.

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'make me cry'

Choreographer/Creator: Tia Ashley Kushniruk

Director/Dramaturg: Philip J. Geller

First Director/Consultant: Jake Tkaczyk

Lighting Designer: Trent Crosby

Composer: Cole Dorchester

Stage Manager: Erin Hayes

Videographer: Naomi Caufield

Special Thanks: Susannah Haight, Clarke Blair, Eryn Tempest, Stephen Thompson, Andrew Tay, Nicole Mion, NES artist residency, Jocelyn Mah

'make me cry' was first presented at Fluid Festival 2023 in Calgary AB CAN.