Originally called 'it lives in the fifth'

where the tide meets the sea is a collaboration between Christianne Ullmark/Creator/Director and Tia/Interpreter of the philosophy and rules associated with the 5th Dimension as an improvisational structure and text - originally devised by Christianne Ullmark.

Playing with two objects in the space, our interpreter conducts different tipping points/transitions between the space that exists physically/metaphysically to incite a feeling of a liminal horizon in the viewer.

Created 5 years ago in Toronto, where the tide meets the sea is also an exploration between the evolution of dancer and choreographer - the ever changing dynamic between a remount VS a remaster - and how to succumb to change.

To watch a trailer of this work click here

where the tide meets the sea premieres at the Expanse Festival (2023) presented by Azimuth Theatre on March 24 and 31


illustration by tia ashley kushniruk