FEED (excerpt.remix) is a work about youth, violence and control. What starts as the end of a night of debauchery, quickly escalates into a nightmare fuelled by indulgence and mania, resulting in an inevitable catastrophe that asks, how far would you go to feel like you are in control? 

The use of violence in this work is something I take very seriously. As someone with intersecting oppressions, I didn’t want to imply that violence has implicitly been a part of this existence. However, some of the most violent things that have happened to me were due to my identity. The 'violence' in this work is an ever changing beast, shapeshifting between subliminal, objective, overstimulating and even quietly residing in the corner.  

This work was built in 9 days with the 2nd year class at the School of TDT, for Momentum 2022.


choreographer/director/writer - Tia Ashley Kushniruk 

ass't directors - Clarke Blair, Eric Pinkerton

performers - Katie Ayer, Peter Bannister, Amelia Brown, Rajvi Dedhia, Abigail Hanson, Mai Luening, Pritesh Mehta, Ella Parsons, Camryn Rieksts, Maya Santos O'Keefe, Isabella Schaffer-Hooper

rehearsal director - Johanna Bergfelt

script writer - Eric Pinkerton

stage combat directors- Clarke Blair, Anna Pratch

composer - Jon Kereliuk

lighting designer - Noah Feaver

Track listing: 

Dilemma - Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland

Arjun Vagale - Black Strobe

Seamless - Down in It

Under Black Helmet - Impulsive Behaviour

Perc & Randomer - Flooring

Special thanks to Mona Kaneko who was a collaborator & performer during the inception of the work

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