In my capacity as a creator in the Canadian arts community, I have had the fortune of working during Covid-19 with several commissions and residencies in varying artistic formats from coast to coast. The work I make and participate in is often interdisciplinary and genre-stretching asking my collaborators, as well as my audiences, to bend the limits of their predisposed notions around theatre, dance, and individuality on stage, screen, or behind the scenes. As a Queer Woman of Colour, the teams I assemble are with people that have similar identity and beliefs to mine; the gumption to innovate archaic and outdated practices/methods of creation and presentation, the understanding and power that representation holds in what we consume, and those who believe in the power of art.

Here are list of trusted My Most Trusted Creative Collaborators (past and present).

Christianne Ullmark

Jocelyn Mah

Dedra Mcdermott

Shammy (Shamsa) Belmore

Ileanna Cheladyn

Rizwan Mohiuddin

Mio Sakamoto

Clarke Blair

Calder White

Katherine Semchuk

Emmett Verhoog

Kenzie Bowes

Kristen Innes-Stambolic

Shay Saver

Nicolas Lehmann

Alexander Boldt

Sarah Wong

Andrea Handal Rivera

Susannah Haight

Berend McKenzie

Eric Pinkerton

Anna Pratch

Jake W. Hastey

Mohammadreza Akrami