XII small deaths w/katherine semchuk

In process solo creation // collaborative and interdisciplinary play // tentative title 12 small deaths // part of a larger solo series with Peggy Baker and Sasha Ivanochko //


She lives in a basement, a single window of light filters in to reveal, not a dusty abode, but a clean orderly arrangement of devices, furniture, fresh fruit, and ornaments. A portrait of a regal human with a collie’s head, exists above a shrine of objects littering a mantle upon where the portrait sits above. Candles? No, the smell of a dry sauna fills the air. Our protagonist, sits quietly at a table, slowly folding batter over and over in a bowl. We hear an ambient pulsating noise just out of reach. Is it from above ground? Is it, from next door? The music does not belong in this world, and yet, we always hear the muffle of it. 

As she stirs, she goes to reach for the cook book she was reading, and slices her finger open. A drop of blood excretes/slips/releases from her index finger into the un-named bowl of batter. Ah, well. Time to start again. She reaches for the cook book to restart the recipe. Closing the book shut, and taking a moment to resettle herself. How many times has she done this?...

She opens the cook book again.

A new paper cut appears.


Collaborators include:

Dramaturge/Rehearsal Director Dedra McDermott

Movement Direction Jocelyn Mah

Music Julian

Outside Eye Christianne Ullmark

Presented 'in-process' at PROSPECTS May 2021, DJD Residency in November 2021

for inquires contact Knsemchuk1@gmail.com