PitPiece is a stage-work collaboration between Clarke Blair and Tia Ashley Kushniruk.

In three acts, it studies comfort, desire, and connection through two unknown female avatars that begin in 3rd circle, descend to 2nd, and land in 1st**, dragging the audience with them every step of the way. This work examines the traditional narratives around 'feminine intimacy' and the female presenting body, poking at the sapphic and juvenile tropes associated with these archetypes. High energy, leading into higher stakes and melodrama, this work cuts deep and asks " how far are you willing to go to be witnessed? and when will it be enough?"

** Spiralling from outward performance, relational performance, inward performance

PitPiece requires a technical residency and one more creative residency, then it is ready for presentation. It requires a venue that can be stripped bare with at least two backstage doors to enter and exit. This work can be formatted to be presented on a 'traverse stage' or in 'thrust'.

Warning: This work contains nudity.

For an excerpt of PitPiece, please click here.

For inquires please email tiaakush71@gmail.com or clarkeablair@gmail.com