A Geography of Queer Woundings

A dance film commission for SpringBoard Performance's Fluid Fest presents: 'Making Love with the Land"

In response to 'A Geography Queer Woundings' an excerpt from Joshua Whitehead's book 'Making Love with the Land', Tia created a short dance film exploring isolation, temperature, and fear within the 'queer experience'.

This film was presented alongside various other artists works responding to 'Making Love with the Land' and reviewed by Jillian Groening for the Dance Current.

"Another moment of conceptual synergy occurs when the camera roves, Blair Witch-style, over Kushniruk exuberantly tossing and tumbling down snowy foothills, their black-snowsuit-clad body standing out starkly amid the cold white expanse. While Kushniruk is in the throes of ecstatic movement, Whitehead reads of starved intimacy, Queer desire and a refusal to be dismembered. Titled “A Geography of Queer Woundings,” the text weaves through Kushniruk’s flailings with erotic suspension, release and crumbling." - Jillian Groening

Additional Collaborators include Anna Pratch (Videographer), Eric Spoeth (Videographer), and Jenna Berlyn Mazur (Editor). This film was made during a residency in St.Paul Alberta.

This film contains nudity.

Read a review of the entire program here.

Watch this film over, here.

For inquires please email tiaakush71@gmail.com