Photo of reset in suits by Jasmyn Fyffe. Photo Credit Omer Yusker. L/R Alana Elmer, Tia Ashley Kushniruk, Pulga Muchochoma



This class will lead you through repetitive, groove based patterning. You will move into ideas plucked from various teachings to broaden your gaze and sharpen your mind, all while honing the body’s tailored mechanisms for vigour, reciprocity, and release. Everyday will be different. Everyday will be a fresh start. The class may close with a cool down practising performative states to ease you back into your day. This class pulls from the practises of Christianne Ullmark, Ileanna Cheladyn, Calder White, and Antony Hamilton.

Common Quotes that Tia says when teaching this class are:

"Optical viewfinder"

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a k-pop idol in the greatest selling Korean Girl Group of all time?"


FLOOR WORK BASICS - Post-Secondary/Pre-Professional Class

This class takes students through various entries to the floor using the techniques of b-boy, capoeira, graham, limon, tai-chi, and house to practise simple floorwork drills, that can then be equipped throughout larger movement syllables, and in improvisational stanzas. Safety is a top priority: this class is flexible to suit the skill range of the participants playing. This class pulls from the practises of Emmalena Fredrickson, Shay Kuebler, Martha Graham, Pat Miner, Daryl Tracy, and Daniel Ninarello.

Common Quotes that Tia says when teaching this class are:

"We're listening to Kim Petras./We're listening to Twice."



Do you like jazz?: Composition Workshop - Pre-Professional

A performance workshop stemmed from my own history and practises in theatre improv., Clown, musical theatre, Buffon, and dance-theatre, participants will be given several movement/performative/text-based clues, from which they get to play and meander with through a block of direction/directions. This workshop pulls participants into a space of play, disaster, and surprise, resulting in instances of humour, relief, and silliness.

Common Quotes that Tia says when teaching this workshop are:

"here - put this pylon on your head."


"I-I-I-I-I-I think I have been poisoned!"


IMPROVE THEATRE FOR DANCERS - Post-Secondary/Professional

Pretty self explanatory: It's Improv Theatre for Dancers! This class follows the basic fundamentals of Theatre Improv teaching participants how to support other players, gain confidence in their instincts and choices, and getting people comfortable with using text as a means of play. At the end of every class, we culminate with a short form improv scene utilizing all that we have learnt in the class. If I am teaching a group of people for a longer period, we do make our way up to Heralds i.e. Long Form improv scenes.

Common Quotes that Tia says when teaching this workshop are:

"You're wimping! AND NOW YOU'RE WAFFLING"

"Yes, and!"

"V is for Vests."

"...and it was at that moment they knew the date - September 11th, 2001."


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